Want To Close More Loans In Less Time?

The Superpower'd CRM

You Will Actually Use

close more loans in less time?

The Superpower'd CRM

You Will Actually Use

Jumpstart your closing volume with pre-built campaigns

It's Like Adding A Supercharger To Your Business


Use automated campaigns to capture leads on auto-pilot


Knowing which relationships to nurture is critical


Screen leads based on their survey responses

Focus your time on leads that will close

See At A Glance, Who Is Interested Or Not Interested

Automate lead nurturing & client acquisition

Multi-Channel Outreach, In Omniac

Visualize & execute from analytic dashboard

Measure Conversion Rate And Conversion Cost

Omniac replaces 30+ apps, saving you some serious shekels

Less Bills, Apps, & Logins (To Remember...)


Use The Tools You Need, Ignore The Rest


  • Pre-qualify leads using forms

Screen leads based on their survey responses

  • SMS text and video messaging

Boost response rates with personalized SMS and MMS

  • Reputation Management

Get real reviews that make a difference

  • Automate appointment reminders

Prepare clients with text and email reminders

  • Drag 'n' drop website

& funnel builder

Build pages that generate leads on auto-pilot

  • Ring-less Voicemail

Welcome every new prospect with a voicemail, automatically.

  • Email Automation

Stay "top-of-mind" with drip campaigns

  • Integrated Booking Calendar

Clients book the call into your Google Calendar

  • Reporting/Analytics

Make data driven decisions

  • Chat Widget

Spark a conversation with visitors to your website

  • Pipeline Management

Move clients through each stage with automation

  • Sentiment Analysis

See how customers like your service

  • Call Routing & Recording

Shotgun incoming calls to all LOs so no calls go unanswered

  • Mass Sending

Get leads to "raise their hand" with a mass text or voicemail

  • Unlimited Client Database

Use your database to it's full potential

  • Auto-dialer

Work through your lead lists in less time

  • FB Messenger

Can your current CRM do this?

  • Social Media Metrics

Get actionable insight from your ads

  • Social Media Monitoring

Visualize the data and trends then take action

  • Polls/Voting

Ask and measure what your customers want

Unified messaging = simpler life

Send calls, texts, emails, voicemails, & FB Messages

all from one platform

Never forget to update your clients & realtors

Lead To Closed Loan With Automated

Communication At Each Step

SEE your funnel

Watch It Grow

In Real-Time


Here is what Omniac can do for you

Less Bills, Apps, & Logins (To Remember...)

*additional users can be added for just $99 / user / month

See what others have asked

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Omniac work for my company?

Omniac is for small and large companies who are looking to level the playing field with modern day technology without being a "techie" . Omniac will help you identify new leads and nurture those leads (automatically).

What if I don't need everything Omniac has to offer?

No problem - use the features that will help your business the most! We offer many pre-built campaigns so you spend less time in "setup mode" and more time in "lead generating and closing mode"

What makes your CRM better or different when compared to the competition?

Automation. Omniac gives you the power to capture your own leads (no more buying leads - from who knows where!) These exclusive leads are yours. They are not being "recycled" at the going market rate where you're competing against every other broker who bought that information,

How much does Omniac cost?

Omniac is available for $297 per month. Continue through the checkout process to purchase a discounted yearly plan. Best part, you have 90 days - literally 1 quarter - to fall in love with Omniac or request your money back.

Is there a contract?

You can pay monthly with no contract or purchase a yearly subscription at a significant discount. You choose what is the best fit for you. Again, at the risk of beating a dead horse... You have 90 days which is one quarter of the year to fall in love with Omniac or your money back.

How many contacts can I have in Omniac? Is there a price increase if I go over a certain amount?

There is no limit on the number of contacts in Omniac. We don't nickle and dime you like other CRMs out there. There will never be a price increase for "storage costs"

Is there a limit on how many emails and texts your CRM can send our per month?

We show you how to connect to Twilio and Mailgun to send texts and emails from Omniac - the unified messaging platform.

What kind of support do you provide?

We hold your hand step-by-step. Follow The Omniac QuickStart Guide to get up and running in no time. Should any questions arise later, our team would love to support you with our meticuluous documentation, transcribed videos, and our support ticket system. All backed up by our 1 quarter (90 day) guarantee.

Does your platform have an open API that we can work with and/or does it work with something like Zapier where we can connect it with 3rd party apps or our own custom developed solutions?

We are currently in development of our own custom "Zap" so you can connect your applications through Zapier (expected March 2021).

Does your CRM have a project management aspect to it or does it sync with something like trello? We need to use lots of checklists and track lots of actions that need to be taken on a loan project. Does your CRM provide anything like that?

Customize your pipeline within Omniac to fit your business. Track exactly where each client is in the loan process and automate processes based on where they are in the loan process.

Can your CRM automatically send out texts, emails and voice-mails to borrowers, real estate agents and internal team members depending on the action we are taking or the phase of the process we are in with a loan? If so, does it do this intelligently? Meaning does it have lots of conditional rules for things like 'time of day' and messages/reminders being sent out at specific intervals depending on exact scenarios?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Does your system have tasks and task reminders?


Do you have a pre-sale and post-sale drip marketing campaign function? Also, are the designs of the emails customizable and can you customize the campaign itself?

Yes - the world is your oyster.

Do you have a pre-sale and post-sale drip marketing campaign function? Also, are the designs of the emails customizable and can you customize the campaign itself?


Do you have a mobile app?

Soon! Our mobile app for iOS and Android is currently in development. We expect to have it completed in March 2021.

Do you have a slack type function built-in where my team can communicate about a particular loan/borrower/contact in real time?

You can communicate to your clients via text, email, or Facebook Messenger all from within Omniac.

Can your CRM be customized to my needs?

Talk to us about your needs and we we we see what we can do :)

We would like to be able to have 100% of all email communication on a loan/borrower/client/project consolidated in one location. Can we use your system to email the borrower? If so, when the borrower replies does their reply go back into the CRM and all stay logged/organized in their contact/loan area?

Users can send, receive, and read all email and text communication from Omniac.

Can we white-label our customized version of your CRM to provide to other branches, franchisees or individual Loan Officers?

Yes. Click here for more details.